Small budget marketing

Background I get it….marketing isn’t always on the top of the priority list when you launch your own business, But somehow most business owners know or feel that some sort of marketing should be done to get the word ‘out there’. Biggest question is though: How much will it cost?  Challenge In the case of a […]

Social media marketing workshop

Background In the beginning of last year, I was asked to bring a German company into the 21st century by creating a social media strategy. They were in the process of building a new website and had an established relationship with a graphic designer.  Challenge The industry is very niche and I was told the market […]

Episode 4 – International Confex Special (March 2022)

After my visit to the Confex in the Excel London in March 2022, I recorded this impromptu episode, because I had had such a great time and made so many new connections. The talks and keynotes were great and I feel like I am ready for the events season for 2022! Especially where I am […]

Episode 3 – How to save money when planning a trade show stand

Exhibiting comes with a big price tag. Booking the space itself can make a big dent in your marketing budget, depending on the show you are planning to exhibit at and the size of your booth. Then the stand itself. Most marketers spend around 40% of their available event budget on the stand. Once you […]

Episode 2 – Why you should exhibit at a trade show?

Why you should exhibit at a trade show? This is one of the most fundamental questions when it comes to exhibiting. Trade shows can be: Expensive Stressful Drain resources Uncertain when it comes to lead generation        So, why do companies exhibit at trade shows? Why attend a trade show? What is the purpose of a […]

5 Top Tips For A Successful Trade Show Stand

Trade shows are back, but I often get the question if it is still worth exhibiting. In fact, one of my clients is completely against it, after years of taking part in exhibitions. The simple reason is, they didn’t feel they were getting enough valuable leads out if it and the show came as a […]