About us


To provide down-to-earth, personalised marketing solutions on an international scale. To handle everything with honesty, integrity, respect and humour (where applicable, obviously).  And most importantly, to provide our clients with the right marketing, at the right price, with the right results. 



To work with people who share our values. To be 100% transparent in everything we do. To mentor, to give back and to raise the next generation of marketeers.  To prove that clients are so much more than the ‘next invoice’. To create, deliver and manage exceptional, cost-effective marketing for like-minded businesses.  



Passion to help others achieve 

100% transparency in everything we do 

All-embracing, global mindset 

Drive to learn new things    

Caring, respectful and inclusive  

Reaching goals through teamwork  

To raise the next generation of marketeers 

together we create success.

My passion is your success!

Hi, I am Annika Bowhay, a down-to-earth marketing specialist whose job (alongside my team) it is to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

You work hard to make your company a success, but how often does marketing slip to the bottom of your priority list? The trouble is, without marketing, how are any of the potential clients out there going to hear about you?  

With over 10-years’ sales and marketing experience in construction, engineering and manufacturing, and a lifetime (well, since I was 3) of expertise in the trade show sector, I can help your business create the engagement and leads it needs. 

After all, working closely together with businesses – with an easy-to-follow strategy – to achieve their goals is what I do best. 

  • Annika Bowhay Marketing,
  • Marketing Management/Strategy
  • Trade Show Stand Marketing/Management
  • AB Marketing
  • ABM


  • 01. October 2018
  • UK, Wiltshire
  • Germany
  • Europe


  • Marketing management, 
  • marketing strategy,
  • digital marketing,
  • branding,
  • marketing plan,
  • identify your customer,
  • reach your audience,
  • trade show stands,
  • event marketing,
  • exhibition stand,
  • successful trade show stand,
  • trade shows,
  • hybrid events,
  • online events
  • Medium to large businesses; tried and failed marketing activities; no time for marketing; missing know-how; lots of activity but no strategy;
  • Working unsuccessfully with third party companies who don’t follow brand;
  • Product Launches;
  • Branding Problems; company identity issues;       
  • Struggling to generate and/or convert leads from trade shows;
  • Seeing trade shows as a cost (should be an investment);
  • Stand crew doesn’t take it seriously/know the goal or objective
  • Leads aren’t followed up;
  • Not enough visitors to the stand