Trade Show Stand Marketing

Marketing Campaign

Comprehensive event campaign

before - during - after

PR & Media

Press releases, media relations

Lead Capture

Lead generation, process, convert

Shout about your trade show stand!

  • Plan

    We plan your content, which channels are best, when to publish and who will be involved. Each event campaign is individually designed to accompany your trade show stand and maximise exposure to ensure consistent visitors and lead generation.

  • Execute

    Create event invitations, schedule product launches, write press releases, live posts from the show. Your campaign will be running before, during and after the trade show to maximise lead generation.

  • Lead Capture

    Your leads are the most important part of a trade show - after all that is why you exhibit! Let's make sure, leads are captured correctly and can be followed up easily to increase the chance of converting potential customers to paying customer.

  • Follow Up

    The timing for following up leads is crucial. With our help you can get in touch with all your visitors promptly. Building trust and relationships that leads to Sales is the goal.